What people have to say about 3D Ultrasound / 4D Ultrasound


I have had five ultrasounds done at Focused Imaging from 2005-2012 and my daughter also came to Focused Imaging for her pregnancy. We keep coming back because the people who work there are always friendly and accommodating. Weather I’m bringing my other small children to watch on the big screen or if the baby is being uncooperative the people at Focused Imaging are always friendly, polite and accommodating. One time they even went as far as to reschedule me to come back because my baby was transverse and very uncooperative. They didn’t have to do this but they did and I was so very thankful to them. I would recommend them to everyone. It is well worth the drive from Clarksville to Nashville. The prices are very good also.

Kerry L.


I just wanted to thank you SOO much for the beautiful ultrasound pics and dvd!!! Today is officially the best day of my entire pregnancy! Hopefully I will be able to come back in 4-6 weeks! Thanks again!

Jamie D


Thanks for the experience last Friday. We have shown the picture to many of our friends and family as well as the DVD. It is amazing how far technology has come in the 21st century. Everyone that has seen the photos and/or DVD have loved them, including ourselves. My wife and I were very well pleased with how things went and the service that you provided!!

Jeffrey & Jenifer H


Hi Rick. I just wanted to say thank you for taking so much time to try to find out what this baby was today. I really appreciate the extra time and the care you took with us. My husband and dad are still both driving me nuts by saying he is a girl but I am very positive that he is in fact a boy by that last picture we got. 🙂 I will let you know how my ultrasound at Blanchfield goes on the 21st. I am sure they will just confirm what you and I already know and Dad and DJ are just too stubborn to accept. LOL! Well, thank you again and have a great evening!

Amanda P


Hello, my husband and I came there back around December for a 3-d ultrasound. At the time we thought I was 29wks but come to find out I was 23wks but I hade my little girl Feb 27th 1month early she was 4lbs 4oz they induced me because she wasn’t growing and the medicine made out heart rate drop so they took her via emergency c-section because she hade to get out that day because she was also out of fluids. The good thing is she didn’t need oxygen or anything. I was going to mail this to you but I figured it would get there faster by email. Thank you so much for 3-d ultrasound it was great and we got to see our little angel before she was born and again thank you so much!!!!

Rachel H


I just wanted to say thank you so much for spending as much time with us as you did on Tuesday. It meant so much for us to be able to have a picture of our little girls face. Without all your effort that wouldn’t have been possible. You have a very special job and I’m sure it’s very rewarding for you to show parents there baby’s faces for the first time. Thank you so much for all that you did. We will never forget it. I’ll send pictures after little Adrianna is born.

Jennifer and Travis T


I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate how hard you worked to try to get us a good picture! I’m so happy with the way things turned out. I’ll be sure to recommend your business- thank you for being so pleasant to work with!

Jackie C


Oh my Goodness!!! Focused Imaging gave me one of the greatest and most treasured experiences of my life! My husband and I not only felt like it was the best money spent, but that it was an experience of a lifetime. Rick and Barbara were so welcoming and they made you feel so special and important as clients. They took their time making sure the pictures were above satisfactory and that you the parents felt pleased. It was meeting your precious gift from God for the first time before the baby is even born. I would recommend any parent to let Focused Imaging make the miracle of life come alive before your eyes with the most beautiful images you will ever see!

Amber S


I wanted to let you all know that I just loved what you did while I was pregnant. I recommend you to everyone. It was amazing how much Kayli’s ultrasound looked like her when she was born. I wanted to send you a photo wee took when she was born. Thanks a lot for being so kind to us when we came in. I was so surprised at the atmosphere there. We will be back during our next pregnancy.

Kandice S


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